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by Peter Grman
You should get the most for your money, it is just fair.APK stands for "Alkohol per Krona" and is the Swedish way of measuring, which drink has the best value.APK - Alcohol per Krona -...
by SmartDev team
FEATURES: * Apk Extractor allows you to export installed applications to apk and store to : /SDcard/ApkExtracted * Easy to useWHAT'S NEW : * Add search feature to easily search...
by Tom Opgenorth
This is a simple Hello World type app to test out building an APK for the different CPU architectures.
by undroid
This is a simple tool that displays all installed applications from sd-card sorted alphabetically by name and package and allows the user to do various actions.HOW TO USE: when you launch Apk Tool,...
by PositiveEnergy
The app is uesd to browser, search, copy, cut, compress, uncompress, rename, delete, share file(s) and contact(s), install apk(s) on sdcard. It is easy to export your all apps and contacts to...
by jubo co
Quick and easy tool to install apk files on your sd card.Search your sd card for all apps to install.FeatureApp file search of directory.Search all apk files at once.
by ibsolution
Web2App application of existing websites for mobile smartphone apps or general web site (apk installation file) that application is made.Please use Web2App without a single line of source code in...
by Floyd Media
test apk 10
by SteelWorks
With APK Creator, you can easily create your own android apps (we call it APK before installation) without any coding.It can create 3 types of APK: Live Wallpaper, Picture & Gift.Live wallpaper...
by Stz_DE
Multi APK 4 HAWK Test