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This app is a timer for Merlin Mann's Procrastination Hack, aka...
by i273, LLC
For a very limited time, play the FULL version of the first two games (Hack RUN and Hack Run ZERO) for...
by Dennis Olivan
Have you ever wanted people to think that you're an expert hacker?

With Phone Hack Prank, you can fool your friends into thinking that you can hack their phones! With realistic features...
by Daniel Novaes

Lifehacker: Noun, One who practices lifehacking.

Do you want to be the most productive person on earth? Get things done for...
by i273, LLC
Not watching the Big Game? Play the FULL version of Hack RUN for FREE!

Ever wanted to be a...
by Stephen Derico
Looking for a way to cheat at Flappy Games? Looking for a great way to hack your high score? Looking for a trick all your friends ? Check out Flappy Cheats Free
by About Fun
The worlds first choice-driven abstract hacking simulator.

You are a hacker!

Be fast and breach as many systems as possible within the time limit. Stay precise with your cutting...
by Chris Bechard
Are you looking for the best life hacks? Do you want real life hacks that can be useful everyday? We assembled a life hacking team to test all the cool life hacks out there and we put only the best...
by Taptoid Inc.
Ultimate Life Hacks allows you to access the world’s most important cheats and hacks for real life!

Learn shortcuts and tricks you can use every day that will save you lots of time and...
by Looksi
Classic turn-based strategy gaming with a difference! Play Code Hack with the Looksi Screen Splitters toy (available from major retailers soon) and turn your mobile device into the ultimate...