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by Savvas Petrou
Roulette Hack is Strategy software for Roulette (iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad).

It uses REVOLUTIONARY SECRET strategy methods!

Crack both table and online Live...
by Moe & Cie
Vous avez toujours rêvé de pouvoir accéder aux données du téléphone d'un de vos amis ou de vos proches sans compétences informatiques particulières et peu importe le réseau ?
Grâce à la...
by Chris Bechard
Are you looking for the best life hacks? Do you want real life hacks that can be useful everyday? We assembled a life hacking team to test all the cool life hacks out there and we put only the best...
Hacking is a passion for many Students. Not only students, every person want to hack something in their life. Here are some tricks to hack, nothing but to become a self Hacker with the help of this...
by i273, LLC
It's time for a FOURTH Hack Run!

Note: Hack NET HD is the fourth installment in the Hack RUN series. You should try the free version 'Hack RUN free' before starting this game.

by Sunghoon Choi
Warrior calling! Raise your Battle Axe and Swords!
The Zombie monsters have infested the woods and threaten to enter your Dungeon.

You duty is to stop them infiltrating your stronghold...
by i273, LLC
Not watching the Big Game? Play the FULL version of Hack Run ZERO for FREE!

It's time for a SECOND...
by 4gency
Pocket Gamer - Silver Award
“Node.Hack will eat.up your time and spit it out as thorough enjoyment”

148 Apps - 4/5
“Node.Hack is an inventive take on that Pac-Man style of maze...
by David Williamson
** The critically acclaimed dungeon crawler finally comes to iPad **

There are dark places in the world inhabited by evil denizens. Places filled with danger and foreboding where no...
Cyber mystery game "PIN HACK"!
Solve each stages and find the PIN number hidden with your brain!
all 25 stages.