German Sex Paid For Iphone Apps

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by Chuck Smith
"Quick and entertaining, these little lessons are surprisingly effective."
-- Jack Repenning, CTO of Collabnet

Want to learn German, but don't know where to start? German Course...
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Make the children to be happy in hands of the little world, HAPPY JUNIOR!

★★ Tailored to the child at eye level and simplified classic fairy tale series.
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For work, travel or every day – you can always rely on Langenscheidt’s extensive Standard Dictionaries. With its intuitive user interface, this app will help you find the right translation...
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The leading German English Dictionary and Translator for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch * Selling over 500,000 dictionary apps * More than 280,000 translation pairs * High quality English & German...
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German explanatory dictionary.
* 170 000 keywords and phrases
* most frequent entry words translated into 200 languages
* 10 000 audio pronunciations
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For a limited time, grab WordRoll DE for only 99 ¢.

We wouldn't call it a full dictionary but WordRoll DE can be your handiest and quickest German/English...
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Do you know some German and want to refresh and improve it in a fun way? Without having to grudgingly sit down every day for another boring vocabulary drill?

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Get to know a woman’s sexual anatomy. Find out how women get sexually turned on. An educational program that’s factual and fun.

An interactive app that makes it easy to learn about the...
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Forget learning how to ask directions to the nearest municipal swimming pool!!
We're here to help you learn all the most common used German words in ONE week.
As kids we were memorizing...
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