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"Simple Machines by KIDS DISCOVER is a brilliantly designed app that keeps both kids and adults longing to learn more." - KinderTown

"My 5-year-old son needs to know how everything works....
by Marc Beaudoin
Discover beautiful photos with Photo Discover.

Photo Discover will show you the photos associated with the themes via an slideshow made ​​with beautiful transitions.

by AppWarrior
Discover The Art Of Loving Yourself As Who You Are And Give That Love Away!

It's rather intriguing that we tend to take our whole self -- our self worth, mind and body -- for granted most...
••• Selected New & Noteworthy in Education, September 2013 •••

Take a trip through the hills, valleys, mountains, and rivers that make up the Earth’s diverse landscapes, and learn about...
by Desdoo
The first doctor-proof app !! It's a reading revolution.
JoyTales presents the first stories for bedtime and any other time of the day!

Tab, the White Bat: the first story thought up...
by PabsMedia
Hours of fun and entertainment for your toddler combined with a little bit of education. Feel the satisfaction of watching the smiles, laughs and looks of accomplishment on your toddlers face as...
by Virtual EyeSee
"Discovering Emotions with Zeely’s simple and easy interface will make it a breeze for kids to learn about different emotions and where they might see them."Autismpluggedin

by Wuonm
Create icons with your albums artwork and play them right from the iPhone or iPad Home screen.

- Add as many photo icons as you want
- Play the album with just one tap
- Play a...
NOTE: Some practice questions are selected and modified from questions of the actual test. This app helps increase your chance to pass the real test. The questions are based on the new study guide...
by mybacini
Got facts?

Check the truth in Congress and get ready for the next elections with eligo: the 113th United States Congress in your pocket.

Catch up on the latest US House and...