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by PSM Digital
Hugo Dictation offers customers the flexibility of being able to complete dictation on the move and send the files for transcription from any location. Leave your Dictaphone at the office, Hugo...
Decrypt encrypted files from Dictate + Connect with just a double-click.

You only need to enter the encryption password once, Dictate + Connect Decrypter can save the password in your...
by Emanuele Floris
“Touch and Speak”: Today, with “Dictate Everything SMS-EMAIL”, you can compose the recipient and message using your voice! 

Try the efficient system of vocal recognition: three clicks,...
by RockYou, Inc.
Patriots unite! Prepare for a battle worthy of the history books in Dictator Defense as you work to defend your homeland against fierce and hilarious enemies.

Test your defenses in 4...
by Rudie Ekkelenkamp
English Words Practice assists you in a playful way in learning English words.
The basic principle of the app is that writing / typing a word is a powerful way to learn words.

by Structure X
Create dictations on-the-go and from anywhere with the Structured Dictation Application for Apple iOS.


Quickly and...
by Woody Deck
Slot Dictator is a casino slots app with a twist. Envisioned and co-created by Russian political artist Nadia Khuzina, MFA, the app humorously explores the themes found in her popular satirical...
by Paul Abraham Jaimovich
Dictation Calculator HD for iPad

Did you ever wanted to use a calculator using your voice instead of tapping the numbers?

Well…the solution is here!

We believe you...
by Uniworlds
Meet Kim, Ahmad and their fellow dictators from all around the globe and help them balance their burden!
But whatever you do, don't let them drop the bomb.

- Unlock new dictators
by Pasha Suleyman
Professional Dictation app will be indispensable on your iPhone, iPod or iPad, which will give you the opportunity to take a break from the tedious process of typing with your fingers and will be...